Monday, June 2, 2008

Amazon Sale Today: "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment" by Katie Davis Special $15.61 (Hardcover)

The new hardcover book by Katie Davis, "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment" is on sale today for $15.61. Visit to "Search Inside" this book to review the Table of Contents or enjoy excerpts from this book. You may also read customer comments about their experience with "Awake Joy" or if you have read the book, share your comments to encourage others to share her message of awakening to causeless joy and conscious freedom. You also have the option of taking advantage of Amazon's "Better Together" special by purchasing "Awake Joy" and "Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being" (hardcover) by Sundance Burke for $33.60.

To open to the "Awake Joy" buy page at Amazon, please click Amazon.

The Katie Davis Website is at

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