Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Physical Space vs. the Time Plane, Mind Control, Know Thyself by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"


Nature is this physical space with all that can be contacted by the body's senses. It includes the dense, physical body or what some still believe to be "me and my world." It is the limitation that the body is my identity, without yet realizing that the body is an object to which the ego state of consciousness is attaching or identifying with.

It then experiences itself through the physical senses such as hearing, seeing (physical eyesight), smelling, touching and tasting. The senses then message the impulses via the body's nervous system to the brain, where the impulses are interpreted and this forms a mental image that we call "our world of experience."

Perhaps through psychological therapy or maybe in the name of "self" improvement, attention shifts away from nature and its physical objective space, back to the subject; the idea of "me" that is "independent" from the world and the divine. The purpose is at first a greater self-understanding, through simply observing what is.

In a way, we could call this a deeper "dimension" of who we think we are. Far more subtle than nature and its physical space, we realize and objectively observe the mental plane of time, perception and cognition.

For "self" understanding, we begin observing thoughts that appear in the time plane (conditioned concepts, attitudes and beliefs), mental images (past sense experiences), memories (ideas about past experiences that are selectively remembered), imagination (future ideas or visualizations based on the past and limited to separating ideas that are limited and conditioned), subtle energies, the process of perceiving, knowing, understanding and the idea of selfhood that is limited to the mental ego-I thought of separation and its body idea.

Through observation of the mental plane, we now have a broader experience of who we think we are. It is not that nature and its physical space are ignored. In fact, we become more conscious of the impact of the mental plane on physical space and how they interrelate. The "negative" content causes the physical body to contract and we experience that as negative emotion (all forms of fear). When the mental content is "positive," the body relaxes and we experience relative happiness.

We are then able to take responsibility for emotional states, rather than blaming or crediting "someone else." Instead of reacting to so called others, there is acceptance and perhaps response. Further, we are no longer limited to the physical space "dimension." Through wider and broader understanding, we are able to integrate the mental plane of time and physical space.

It is important to mention that none of the above actually has anything to do with spiritual awakening and Self-realization (realizing true identity). While not necessarily so, it is likely that this broader "self" understanding will precede the awakening.

It is nature's physical space that is manipulated by the mental time plane. It is this mental time plane that is subject to mind control. Through realizing who you really are, you have shifted beyond, or we could say, risen above, both the mental time plane and nature's physical space.

So the first invitation is to know thyself through "self" observation. The mistake that is frequently made is that the ego judges what it sees and then begins to try to change or improve itself. It is futile to change a false self into a better false self. 

Observing is the natural, transforming power of all that is false. This tranformation is effortless and happens by itself in the willingness to observe and simply be present. We observe and allow all to be as it is; avoiding nothing, resisting nothing and escaping nothing. Allow the body its freedom to feel emotions fully and completely, while observing.

Even though the body is not true identity, it is the perfect tool for waking up out of time. The body is always appearing as part of the content of the present moment and tending to the beautiful senses or conscious breathing shifts attention out of the head and compulsive thinking into the physical body.

Spiritual awakening is waking up entirely from the mental plane of time and the dream of physical space.

 Enlightenment is the realization of the Absolute (Pure I), when the reference point of the witness has surrendered and dissolved. 

Self-realization is the fully integrated Pure Awareness as Pure Beingness-Consciousness-Bliss that is beyond all and ALL; free of all perception of duality. 

"My Body" is the presence of multiple universes and in this dimension, that dynamically includes the body named Katie ... as a conscious field of complete equanimity. 

As Pure Beingness, the world is neither real nor unreal.

You are already the Absolute Reality.

You are not a psychological self becoming something more.

In awe and wonderment, we realize that we are radiant love that is absolutely indestructible; the magnificent Heart of all Being.

There is not one thing wrong with you ...  

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