Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Are Already the Ultimate Reality by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

Perhaps you have heard now that Self-realization is a possibility for every human being. Previously, enlightenment was considered to be available only to a gifted few, who were referred to as saints or sages. Today, this is not so and in fact, you have the opportunity right now to be free of the idea of time, separation and therefore free of all psychological suffering.

The only obstruction is a case of mistaken identity. Commonly, people assume that they are the body only, with its given name, since this is what we were conditioned to believe; a finite body born into time that will eventually die and, during this relatively short lifespan, live within the confines and limitations of the physical form with its conditioned attitudes and beliefs that lead to either pleasure or pain.

Perhaps through chance, we finally hear the remarkable good news that we are indeed not the mind-body involved in a psychological process of becoming something more. Indeed, we hear that we are already the Ultimate Reality that is inseparable from unconditional love, causeless joy and perfect peace; a universal intelligence, within which the entire universe is appearing!

Further, we are told that once realized, it will seem so simple and obvious that we will be dismayed that who we really are was ever overlooked. Nonetheless, as unbelievable that this might seem, it is still relatively rare that one will hear this message and become curious enough to realize the truth. This is indeed changing as all things do.

The invitation today is to look to discover the truth, so that all that is false is directly perceived. When that which is false is noticed, it spontaneously falls away to reveal a deeper truth.

With learning rather than looking, we only acquire new beliefs. For example, someone might have taught you what honey tastes like, where to find it and many other interesting facts, but you cannot say with any certainty that you know honey, until you have had the direct experience in the tasting.

Honey however is an objective experience; something other than we are. So when we hear the pointer to seek the source of the ego-I thought, we begin seeking it objectively. Traditionally, this is what the mind naturally does, when it looks for the source of things. It seeks among the separate things themselves. Normally, the mind searches among objects.

Contrary to what the ego thinks, you are not just another object appearing in the world. While ultimately not quite true, YOU are the SOURCE of all objects. So to realize this, the looking must be within you.

Today's message is to merely turn within. Habitually, the mind's attention is turned outward and it experiences only what is in space and time. The mind turned outward is the home of the ego-body, its world and suffering. With the mirror of the mind turned inward, the light of consciousness burns all of the fog off the mirror. When the fog is cleared, it is able to reflect pure light. Then, all is bathed in radiant love's light!

Self-realization calls for turning the mind's attention within. There is an unfathomable and timeless dimension within you, whose portal can only be accessed right now, through the physical body into its inner body that is beyond thought, emotion and form. This dimension is not an object. It is essentially who you infinitely are.

Mind turned outward is space, time and suffering.

Mind turned within is timelessly the Heart of all being.

When we turn within, it is essentially the beginning of a new life.

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Anonymous said...

You had me in the opening paragraph!

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Dearest Robyn ~

Thank you for taking a moment to comment. I am delighted! Also, so grateful for this visit.

All Love ~ Katie