Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Maren Springsteen is The Beloved Friend. The initial awakening was over eleven years ago with many profound and customary twists along the way. The universal and divine creativity that is one of the extraordinary trademarks of spiritual realization is now in full bloom. 

You might enjoy following the new Maren in the Sky Blog at or visit her website at  

Pointers from the Stars 

By Maren Springsteen

The only thing real

about all that I see

is All-luminous Self,

in ‘time’ hiding as ‘else.’

Pure Consciousness is simply what IS

and always already abiding as THIS.

One heavenly canvas,

refreshingly alive–

sparkling brightly as glorious Light.

When perfect peace seems somehow disturbed,

Pure Being never once is perturbed.

Don’t look at what appears to be causing pain,

no, quickly reel that shadow in again!

Prior to denial, Pure Presence immanently reigns

and whatever presence to ignorance it lends,

tumbles the instant you ask the question

and with it goes all hypnotic suggestion.

Ask: to whom do these arisings occur?

and feel the entire witness disappear–

only superimposition ever it was,

holding no power, presence or place.

One Power seems restored again

that never fell from Grace

or went anywhere.

Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience alone

when giving all Glory to where it belongs.

One Cause now that is Its Own Effect

not capable of straying from Stillness’ Rest.

Not even that is ultimately true,

for there to be power,

it needs to have two…

…at least to human concepts

that like to make sense

of what ignorant nonsense pretends.

Gentle no-power, spacious and clear

remains as All Awareness here,

until then,

invite All to return

into the Heart of their


Kristin Mulcock said...

I love this poem ,thanks for sharing it with us,Katie !

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

You are welcome, Kristin, and thank you for taking a moment to post. Maren is beautiful and speaks directly as the Heart. Her new blog is at
All Love, Kristin ~ Katie