Saturday, October 25, 2008

Katie is Home to Maui from Tour and Grateful, Author, Awake Joy

Dear Heart Friends ~

I have just returned to Maui from a two month tour on the mainland U.S. and this gratitude must be expressed. It is genuinely amazing what seems to be appearing ... opening and resting as This!

Thank you to East West and New Renaissance Books in Seattle and Portland and to all of the new and old Heart Friends who joined us. John Conley, author of Letters to My Friends was so helpful as well as the yoga studios, Conscious Choice and New Connextion Magazines that helped us promote the events.

We returned to Boulder on this tour and are so grateful for the gatherings and those, such as Pat Dorsey, Attila and Antje who helped to make it possible. Satsang was rich, fresh and amazing.

Total gratitude to Travis Norris and Kaddi for their hospitality and organization in Ridgway, Telluride and Ouray. This was our first trip to this area of Colorado and it was so beautiful ... IS so beautiful ... and I am grateful for the new Heart Friends.

Thank you to Dr. Mark Waller, author of Awakening, The Paradox of Being Human and The Dance of the Lion and the Union who organized our events in Fullerton, CA. Reverend Annette Drake and Tomoko were signifant in their service to the events and the First Church of Religious Science was an extraordinary venue ... so still ...

Finally, I would like to thank our Heart Friends at the Carlsbad Center for Positive Living and our sponsor, Reverend Debby. The tour of the botanical gardens was extraordinary as well as the reception and hospitality. We met so many new Heart Friends and are grateful for the help and support that the Church of Religious Science offered those who attended.


Only This Love ~

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

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