Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awakening to the Invincible Summer by Katie Davis

One senses richer fragrances and there are other whispers of an awakening spring. The Monarch butterflies are silently migrating and we have the subtle impression that something is missing as the whales depart. We live the simplicity of the cycles of Gaia, however there is something deeper here; something sacredly indefinable. It never changes, even as the seasons change.

I am reminded of the natural birth of my daughter. As a focal point, I gazed at a poster of the sun shining through snow covered pines. The byline read, “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.” I intuited that my daughter was named Summer and that her nature was invincible. However, I had not awakened to the unfathomable depth to which Camus was pointing.

Just as the ‘I’iwi is adapted to sip honey, we can taste the sweet nectar of the Silence of the Heart. However, the concept of “me,” camouflages our salvation. Its strategy is to maintain itself, through healing the past or becoming what it wants to be in the future. Other than a constant “work in progress,” my question is where is it and who is it right now? I suggest that the answer is nowhere and nobody. We have many reasons why we cannot be happy and yet this false sense of self is the only thief. This con artist is a myth and exists only in the time-based, unawake mind. Through awakening, the relationship with “ourselves” is surrendered. After all, we are not two; neither “i” nor “me.” We are neither subject nor object; we are free.

Yet, we live the constraint of an individual consciousness as a separate subject. Through this uninvestigated assumption, we experience suffering. A limited subject can only perceive limitedness. It just makes sense that unrestrained freedom cannot be found within restraint. First, we insist upon independence and then fear our imagination. We grieve solely for what is assumed and unknown. We are not a vulnerable point in a chaotic universe. We are the open and still Awareness that sustains all life. We shine invincibly and joy is our birthright.

This spring, we may realize the ultimate truth of “no rain, no rainbows.” Life need not be burdened with suffering to appreciate mystical happiness. This simple shift is as natural as the changing season. Even our gardens effortlessly delight: dancing fuchsia, laughing yellow, smiling faces of cream. When the seasons change, what remains? If you had a choice would you choose “me” or Joy? Hele me kahau’oli….go with Joy.

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