Monday, January 7, 2008

Falling Apart Part 4 of 4: Katie Davis Blog - Awake by Katie - Author, Awake Joy

This is Part Four of Four of a dialogue series that began December 28 by Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy:


I guess a lot of times I just feel helpless. Katie, I just get really stuck. I am taking a dance class and that has helped a lot. Sometimes, I just walk down to the lake or walk in nature and it does give some relief. Other times, I just get paralyzed in this sadness. I just can’t bring myself out of it.

Katie Davis:

What I am sharing with you is that you are helpless ... as the separate false sense of self. Are you willing to relinquish the effort and step out of this limited, conditioned concept of “me?”

Dance classes are wonderful, since they bring you into the present moment, free of thought. It also makes your body a more comfortable place to be. Walking in nature is extraordinary. It also brings you into the present moment and out of mental fixation and in relationship with the dialogue in the head. However, as you say, you slip back into the sadness.

As long as you are operating within the delusion of time, there will continue to be happiness and unhappiness. When you first asked your question, you said that everything is going along well and you think that everything is fine and then it all falls apart. This is the nature of duality. Over time, happiness is replaced by unhappiness, which is replaced by happiness and the cycles continue rising and falling. There is first construction and then destruction over and over again. In other words, the only thing that is separating happiness from unhappiness is time.

I am pointing you back into yourself to discover what has never been broken, what can never be broken. I am pointing you to the sacred love that you are right now, that lies deeper within you than this plane of happy and unhappy circumstantial life; the plane of mental time. The plane of happiness and unhappiness appears to be experienced by this shadow “I.” You are not the shadow. Who are you?

Seeking something outside of yourself, seeking happiness in some other, is impossible and destined to fail. Things, people and circumstances might be able to provide moments of happiness. Nothing outside can provide the permanence of true fulfillment. The outside changes. It has to change. It is the nature of impermanence.

No person or thing can give you joy, even “you.” Joy is uncaused and it arises as the joy of being who you are.

It arises in the joy of being.

Your love can never leave you. It is inside you. If fact, it is who you are. You are this loving now and your true nature is causeless joy and sacred Presence or Peace.

You don’t need to become it? Just be.

You can not find it.

Will you stop, be still and look?

Through surrendering, are you willing to allow this Loving to be?

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